Letter to Creepers at the Club

Taken from fakescenesandplasticmadedreams
Dear Creepers at the Club,

I really don't understand what goes through your heads sometimes.  Ok, most of the times.  Mostly because you seek out your prey, usually just standing there, looking for girls to eventually grind up.  The reason most girls find you generally unwelcome is because you come at us like sharks at a carcass.  You don't approach in a "fun" way, like dancing up to us or using your hands to point us out and shouting "yeah!"  You're not even dancing half the time!  You just sneak up behind us and BAM!  Suddenly our hips are in the rather firm grasp of your hands.  Please stop, especially if we tell you to.  What middle school or person never taught you that "no" means "no."  I get that most of us lady-folk like an aggressive man, but there's aggressive as in assertive and aggressive as in being pushy.  We like our space sometimes, or sometimes we just want to dance on our own.  If you respect this, maybe girls will dance with you.  But since your aggressive tactics push us away from you (literally), you might think we're bitches.  Well, some of us are.  But mostly, we just want our space.

Creeped-on Girl at the Club

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