What Not to Talk About with Someone You Might Want to Cuddle

Take from brisaemmim
A person you might want to snuggle with isn't exactly a friend.  You can't really tell them everything considering, oh, it's your second time meeting the person.  So you can't exactly tell them everything about your life.  Just the parts that make you seem interesting in a good way.

There are a myriad of topics to avoid in conversation.  Like how much you like clothes.  Because most boys do not actually care about and if they do, they might not want to cuddle with you because they could possibly like boys a little more.  And for the love of God, do not bring up how much you like ponies.  Specifically, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  Because just because the main demographic is males between 18 and 34 does not mean that every male in that age range likes the show.

It would also be thoroughly wise not to bring up that one best friend of yours who's made quite the impact on your life.  Or really, any other boy in your life that you've ever been involved with.  And it would probably be best to not mention how hard this semester has been for you.  You want to seem positive and energized and not like you're possibly downtrodden by stress and people being absolutely stupid.  Unless he somehow stumbled upon your blog and started reading most of the recent entries.  That would suck slash be awesome because that means there is readership outside your circle of friends.

Speaking of being stupid, you probably want to refrain from liquid courage.  It makes you a lot more vocal about how dumb you think people are and that would definitely be a bad .  Or he could find it amusing, but either way it might not well.

And you want it to end well.  Because you want to get your cuddle on.

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