A Tale of Two Formals

Taken from partyrehab
There are a lot of things in common with formals.  You get all dressed up and eat food and then enjoy upper quality drinks with close friends and people you might just happen to know.  Some drama usually happens.  Someone drinks too much.  As an all too familiar piece begins, "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times."  But in my case, it was just the best of times.

For both the formals this week, I was equally anxious.  The first of the two formals was actually a date, as in, "I am inviting you because I legitimately think you're cool and cute and want to get to know you better" kind of date.  So of course I was anxious for that.  The boy seemed interested and I did not want to ruin the fantasy, or something equally silly like that.  But then everything goes better than expected.  He's a perfect gentleman, the food is good, you have a lot in common, and exciting things like that.  It doesn't end quite the way you want it to, but there's always the next week.  And what's the worst?  You find out if you have even more things in common?

The second of the two was in the friend zone.  I got all dressed and beautified and met up with people I can have fun with.  There also was good food, but definitely classier music and a more familiar setting.  But it was very nice to just hang out with people into the wee hours of the morning.  A bit of drama happened, but that's to be expected for most periods of life.

But now starts an intense period of studying.  I think I've had my fair share of fun for the end of the semester.

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