Skype Dates are Actually Kind of Fun

Taken from justgirlythings
I haven't had the best of luck with webcam.  I always felt awkward and stuff.  Mostly because I usually didn't have a working microphone function on a computer.  Or they didn't.  Or it'd be with someone I'm not too comfortable with.  Or, looking back, talking to them in person was awkward enough and then that awkwardness was exponentially increased via Skype.  But that was probably one of the Skype sessions which wasn't all too awkward.  It was pretty enjoyable, actually.  It's nice to see and talk to people you haven't seen or actually spoken to in a while.  And it almost felt like a real date.  Just without the cute hand-holding and walking around places or general being able to touch each other.  Oh, and a good night kiss would have been nice too.  But regardless, it was the closest to seeing someone as you can get without travelling 3,000 miles.

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