Sorry That Sometimes I'm Female

I catch onto things,
Once that spark
Of attention catches the debris,
It's just going to rage.

But it's just a spark
And there's not much to burn.
So once it runs out, it's
Gone for good.

Of the things I latch onto,
I worry about them incessantly.
And they don't always matter.
But for that moment of intensity,
They sincerely do.

And since the attention occurs
So randomly,
No one, including myself,
Understands why.

And sometimes,
A huge pain can do no damage,
But the little things can turn
Into these crazy painful paper cuts.
They seem like such a larger deal
Than they should be but your
Body and mind say otherwise.

And the really arbitrary times.
When everything feels like
An issues and everything just

But for all the randomness,
There's a ton of good.
But the randomness overshadows that.

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