4 AM

The blue
Goodness isn't
Really good at all.

I'm pulling an
All-nighter (again).

I would totally
Go to sleep...
If I could.

Questions running through my brain.

If someone is
Dry-heaving in a
Bathroom, am I
Morally obligated
To make sure
That they are ok?

If someone else
Is passed out in the corner
Of a hallway, am I
Morally obligated
To take them to a bed,
No matter how fucking
Insane they make me?

Am I?
Because, in
The middle of the night,
Just like at the end of the day,
I really don't feel anything
About it.  That's not
To say that I don't care.

I do.

I really do.
I'm thinking about it.
Aren't I?
I am painfully empathetic
And am doing the things
I would want people to do
For me if I were
In that state.

I live with these people.
I should probably make sure that they are
Ok, right?
That's what a good suite-mate would do.

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