Knight in Green Armor

My mind can't seem to let you go, while
My heart can't seem to hold onto anyone.

Late at night, when it's quietest,
I want you here and I don't know why.

I shouldn't be feeling this strongly.
It's so stupid, it's a really really bad
Case of the stupids.

We're just friends at night,
Acquaintances during the day.

You're the best I've got so far.
I want better.
I don't want to settle.
But I hate being pseudo-lonely.

I say pseudo-lonely
Because I have friends
Who care and want to be with me.

Actually lonely because...
Well, it's almost been a year.
A year since I genuinely cared.

And I genuinely don't.
About you, that is.
I really shouldn't because
You don't either.

Oh look how that works out.

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