Sucker Punch (M.R.)

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First off, it is not some movie intended just for dorky kids wanting to see scantily-dressed girls fight off demons with swords and guns.  I mean, that is an element, but Sucker Punch is not for everyone.  For an action movie, it's got quite a bit of depth.  I think a more accurate description would be "Inception featuring scantily-clad girls fighting off demons with swords and guns."

I really wanted to think this movie was based off something.  A book, a graphic novel, a video game...something!  But the beauty of it was that it wasn't.  Sure, it took action and stylistic motifs from all those media, but that's what made the movie so interesting to watch.  The costumes were amazing and each character had a distinct style.  The only ones fully developed were Baby Doll, Sweet Pea, and Rocket, but it's difficult to do that in a 1.5-hour time-span.

The plot was really substantial for an action movie.  There were so many layers that just made it interesting.  A mental institution, a brothel, and a video game.  I approved of it greatly.  Zach Snyder's talent in movie-making seems to come from the fact that he can make pretty obvious breaks between the action and more sentimental bits of a movie (like in Watchmen).

In short, I thought this movie was excellent and good time.  It takes you on an adrenaline-filled, emotional rollercoaster.  And covers a lot of issues.  Plus, who wouldn't want to see girls beat up stuff?  In addition, it has inspired me to get fit (and maybe possibly acquire the ability to dead lift my weight [no big deal]).

Rating: 9/10

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