It Happened

Taken from p.heartache
You know that breakdown I was talking about a few weeks ago?
Where I lose it just enough to seem fine to everyone?

It happened.

And there was nothing poetic or beautiful about it.

It was just a lonely college freshman girl walking home from a party because she drank and got a mildly upset stomach, which is usually an indicator of emotion trial.

And what a struggle it was.

The hammer of everything that isn't working out
Right now came down hard
And instead of ringing with a clap,
Tears came out of my eyes and my head hurts as if that mallet actually hit me across the face.

I'm getting pushed down again.
Shoved down.
And knocked over at the slight
Hope of getting up.

I tried coming up with a counter argument.

Just because I might not get to do what I want,
Maybe the alternative is better?

I didn't go to the college of my dreams.
Is the alternative better?
I don't think it wants me here.
The people at it do (I think, I hope, I want)
But it seems to be doing everything to drive me away.

I do everything right, but everything goes wrong.
And I just want a neutral day tomorrow.

Oh wait,
Matlab test.

One thing that will either get rid of or enhance the reality that
Nothing seems to be going right.

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