The Only Way Out Is To Get In

Taken from the sweetest of words have the bitterest taste.
I changed my ways a bit this semester.
I got my priorities in line.

I stopped being so kissably loose.
I decided to let myself shine more
And not let my lips meet someone
Else's on a whim.

And I'm as lonely now as I was then.

But I guess it's a more genuine type of lonely.

No one is lying that they want to spend time with me.
Because no one is spending time with me.

But I'm also not allotted much time
For spending exclusive time with someone.

I guess I want quality over quantity.
Where you don't have to be
Communicating every second
Of your life to feel like
You care about that person.

But I can't waste time feigning
Over something that won't happen.

Instead of waiting for a dude to give me
What I want,
I think I'll just go out into the campus
And find a dude who will.

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