A Statement for Every Month of 2012

Taken from duh-da
I know.  I've usually written a several-hundred-word document about every month.  But I haven't found the necessity to.  Instead, I'll be highlighting every month with a sentence.  Enjoy.

January: I rang in the New Year with friends and discovered what I do not want to do with my life.

February: I celebrated my first Valentine's Day with a date with the boy I really cared about at the time.

March: I rekindled a friendship, realized some people are toxic to my existence, and sent out opportunity applications which later got rejected.

April: I got the job I wanted most that I worked at full time over the summer.

May: I lived with my boyfriend at the time for three weeks and I finally got out of engineering.

June: I moved into my first apartment/house with friends and started an adventurous summer.

July: I visited China and realized how lucky I am to live in the U.S., but I also had some eye-opening experiences with some wonderful people that I am still in contact with.

August: I went to a Renaissance festival and two rock concerts while improving my own physical fitness by biking everywhere.

September: I had a bit of a breakdown, ended one relationship and started another; my heart went on a crazy roller-coaster ride.

October: I went to Montreal and fell in love with a city.

November: I went to a Bassnectar and Lindsey Stirling concert and had a lovely time in NYC for Thanksgiving.

December: I got the highest GPA so far and spent New Year's Eve with a friend who I won't see until August.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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