My First Time Using an iMac

Taken from iXBT Labs
I never really liked Macs.  Mostly for superficial reasons of I simply prefer PCs over them.  But now, after having to use one out of necessity, meaning that the library mysteriously had no available laptops and no available desk computers, I sat at an iMac just to have a computing device.  And I can't say I like it.  The one hear is just a screen, I mean, a hard drive in a SCREEN?  It makes me so confused.  So if you break your screen, you basically lose the computer?  That's unfortunate.  That's really really unfortunate.  And I cannot seem to master this "no right clicking" thing.  Yes, I understand that you can use a setting, but the library computers do not allow for modification.  See also, why I can't write my nanowrimo novel right now.  In addition, I think it's a little too flashy; I prefer minimalism when it comes to my work space, but I guess that works for people who want to make creative things on a computer.  But now that I am using one, I can with more evidence say that I do not enjoy it.  But I can understand why, seemingly, most people at my college and in general prefer them.

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Anonymous said...

omg i h8 macs 2!11

this is a rly gud blog. seriously. i read it eryday.
i think i'm going to start my own cuzz i find it sooo inspirring