Cornucopia of Thankfulness

Taken from baeblemusic:
Hey readers!  As you in the United States know, it is American Thanksgiving Day and as per usual, I will write a bulletted list of everything I am thankful for in life.  In no particular order as usual.  I love making this list because it usually makes me smile while writing it and thinking of the good in my life.

  • Jagiellonian University 2011: I am so grateful for this experience.  All the people, all the fun times, all the strange times, and all the work I put in that finally reflected in grades.
  • Cornell:  Thank you for never ceasing to surprise me with new challenges, new experiences, new friends and other things.
  • Schuyler House: Yes, we might have some disagreements, but this year I have heat (maybe a bit too much) and a large room with which to have guests in.  I am thankful to be in a better dorm.
  • My Friends Who Have Stuck Around Since Last Year: Reminiscing about last year is always and I always look forward to whatever adventures we may have next.  Also, thank you for being there during my rough patches.
  • Professors: You all teach me so many things and many of you calm my nerves when it comes to grades and whatnot so thank you for preventing yet another nervous breakdown.
  • Parents: Thank you for being so understanding of my gluten intolerance weirdness and sending me cookies and bread I can eat without hurting afterwards.
  • Internal Transfer Division: Thank you for allowing me to be able to get out the school that was giving me so much and letting me go to another one where I will enjoy what I study.
  • Bronies: Thank you guys for bringing love, tolerance, joy, and happiness into my life in the cutest way possible.
  • Friends with Cars: Thank you for taking me to places like Walmart and Wegman's so I can feed myself and be able to acquire random things.
  • All The Clubs I Signed Up For: Thank you for giving me something to do and new, exciting people to meet.
  • Music: Thank you for being the only thing that really gets me through studying.
  • BabyCakes NYC: Thank you for that wonderful cook book that never ceases to delight myself and my friends with deliciousness.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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