A Disappointment Orange

Taken from musicalldaykeepsthebadmoodaway
Second book of my "I need to read more" project and holy God, was I disappointed.  I am also disappointed that it is also only book two of the project.  But this one, wow.  A Clockwork Orange was a book I thought and people have told me I would really like.  But in fact, it was difficult to read, hard to get through, and as with most classics, not much really happens.  I know this sounds like I just hate books that would be assigned in an English class, but I should not have to need urban dictionary to look up half the terms and then guess what they mean based on context or my knowledge of Slavic languages.  And I understand that it was to distance Alex from the audience because he is a psychopath, but at the same time, it did not enhance the reading experience for me.  Now I want to watch the movie so hopefully this book can redeem itself, but frankly, books should stand on their own.

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