What to Do When Waiting For Emails

Taken from poeticheartache 
So you're in the library not for the reason of studying but because you are too lazy to carry around a laptop, so you borrow a library laptop which seem to be of higher efficiency and quality than yours at home.  And being that you need said laptop, you need it to confirm meetings with professors because it somehow slipped your silly little mind that you have grade report.  But luckily, you remembered with enough time to get that form signed.  And handed in.  And for life to be good.  So what do you in between emails?

Check social networking.

Look for that one missing article that you need to complete the quad of articles required for your nutritional science term paper, which, by the way, you need an amazing grade on.

You recalculate your grades, just to make sure what appears on that form looks good and that you are on the right track for getting out of the college that's been giving you so much misery this past year.

You read interestingly written articles on Thought Catalog.

You wonder if you should get that cookie.

And if the person does not respond quickly, you go to your class and stalk the teacher that you need a grade from.

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