The Makings of a Bad Day

Taken from myheartishoney
Well, you started sleeping when you should have already started a R.E.M. and had another fucked up dream about running away from finely dressed hipsters trying to beat you up for no reason.  But it's not your fault you had too much fun Saturday night and matched your boyfriend's sleep cycle on Sunday.  But so you jump out of bed at 6:30 to pick courses but first the perfect breakfast needed to be made.  So as you try to delicately balance a mug, a plastic can of granola, a container yogurt, and a bowl, you drop the mug and the bowl and both  shatter on the carpet in front of your room.  So you go back, frustrated and sad, and make yourself that breakfast.  But the blueberries and strawberries don't taste quite as magically as you wished they would, but screw it, you have classes to enroll for.  And that process, as usual, takes about an hour of refreshing the page, relogging in, losing spots in classes, and not having enough time afterwards to sleep in a little.  So you're tired and trying to stay away from coffee to keep awake.  And then you also realize how much work you need to get done because you're losing your weekend to your boyfriend.  And then you realize he might not be coming in the middle of the math problem set due tomorrow.  And that's when it all settles in.

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