Testing Monster

Taken from myheartishoney
All this studying is turning me into a butt.  Or, as most people would say, an ass.  I sit at home all day.  Studying. I come out when I need to.  Like for food, or class, or some meeting that could help me in the class.

And while I'm studying, everyone is being fun and cool.  They're going to parties.  They're wasting time watching a film together.  And I'm by myself studying because it seems like everything that is life is detrimental to my success.  Or lack there of.  And then I start reverting to bad mental habits that kept me locked up on weekends throughout most of high school.  And it seems like no one understands or wants to join to me or anything having to do with interacting with me.  And if these people are different, why do they all treat me the same?

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