Top Moments of Freshman Year of College

Ten Things That Rocked Freshman Year
  1. That one night at Thumpty
  2. Being at Thumpty most weekends
  3. Slope Day
  4. Chem class
  5. BME class
  6. Sledding
  7. Middle of the night trips to the Commons
  8. Movie nights
  9. That one Seal and Serpent party
  10. Actually having a winter break
Ten Things That Sucked Freshman Year
  1. People graduating
  2. Not being able to do my major
  3. Engineering classes for the most part
  4. Computer science
  5. Not having heat in winter
  6. Winter lasting until April
  7. Finals first semester
  8. Spraining my finger sledding
  9. ???
  10. ???

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