"And I Dressed Up Like a Princess"

Taken from iheart-myself
Lyrics in title from "The Competition" by Kimya Dawson
I just want to be as good as I'd like to be.  Being better than the person that I was just yesterday.  I mean, it's hard but it's a better standard to hold myself up to.  Than to compare my life to that of someone else.  I've got my own stuff to deal with and I'll deal with it in the best way that I can.  But sometimes it gets hard when it seems like people aren't in the same place.  I just want to meet someone who can completely relate to me, but that would involve wasting precious minutes that I could use studying for my finals.

So I'll dress as cute as possible.  I'll write sentences so elegantly that my English teacher might cry.  I'll write the right equations and the TA's will just throw points at me.  I will sort the mail quickly and be the most polite that I can be.  I'll write down bio processes with precision and accuracy.  It'll be the best finals week that anyone has seen.

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