"Need a Lover Who Is Smarter Than Me"

Taken from Popsicle-Stick Twiggy!
Lyrics in title are from "Drunk Girls" by LCD Soundsystem

I hung out last night
With a bunch of good friends.

And we drank
Some wine and started watching Star Trek

But I
Was unusually tired

And then
My friend and his girl were snuggling together

And I
Wanted someone to snuggle with.

I'm at another party.

To boys who won't remember my face

And then
I'll hang with my other friends
And I won't have time to snuggle with anyone.

I want a night spent doing wholesome things
Like reading
Or snuggling
While listening to music.

But  most boys
Would not ever agree with me.

We could sit around for hours and hours.

Say we're doing work but actually talking

About stuff
And ideas
And nonsensical things.

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