To Everyone I've Ever Dated or Wanted to

Taken from  m-a-r-i-n-a-r-a
I (thought I) loved you,
But we were thirteen.

I (thought I) loved you,
But were freshman in high school
And who knows anything then.

Don't even remember dating you.
People had to vaguely remind me of this.
But then again, sophomore year of high school is blacked out
From my memory.  And I don't want to remember.

I loved you,
But you were at UConn.
And your heart went somewhere else.

I'm not entirely sure how I felt about you.
But you were fun.
And cute.
And I took it way seriously than it needed to be.

I loved you,
But you had depression.
And it wasn't that you had no hope for your life
Or any motivation.
It was how you acted out.
And how there was nothing I could do about it.
And how it's affected me in terms of how people treat me.

I liked you,
But we met 3 weeks before high school ended.
You were the one who got away.

I still love you,
Because you're my best friend.
And we're never going to date.
So that's good.

I thought you were my favorite boy,
But you liked your bong more.
Thanks for being so honest.

I love you,
I think,
I'm not sure.
Something's not clicking.

I think I feel something towards you,
And it's fucking awkward.

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